Monday, June 22, 2015

My guest appearance on The Confessional Radio Show with Christine Cisneroz

I was recently a guest on an amazing program that is featured on KKNW Seattle's Sunday broadcast line up. 

The Confessional Radio Show with the wonderful host Christine Cisneroz

Check out the show transcription below


I'm Christine Cisneroz. Welcome to The Confessional Radio Show where we reveal who we really are and where we believe that you are 100% the solution for this planet. What would your life look like if you knew you could not fail? Good afternoon Seattle.

Christine: Welcome to The Confessional. I'm Christine Cisneroz and we are so, so happy to have you tuning in today. Not just to the show, but into your lives and we have quite the show for you today. We've got a fantastic guest. I am so completely honored to have her on. I was inspired so long ago by this woman and I just have to say that having her on today is really one of my dreams come true. It's one of the things that I can say "yes, this occurred." I was able to have this guest on today and it's such a great full circle in a way and the beginning of another circle, but today we have on our show, and just to let you know, the name of our show today in case you don't know who is coming on by the intro, but the name of our show today is "If you could not fail". That's the name of our show because I believe that this woman has really, really stood for that sentiment, for that idea, for that consciousness in the world, that what would our world look like, individually on a micro level. If you could not fail, if you knew that you could not fail and that you did not need anything else in order to lay out and see your life purpose. What would you take advantage of? What would you do? How would things look differently and how would your life play out differently? So on a micro level I think that happens on a macro level. It happens because if everybody's doing that, then that's what everybody's doing. They're not doing something else. So today we are so honored to have on Dr. Pat Baccili. She is on our show today and I'm going to introduce her now because she's here and she's always raring to go. Here she is. Welcome Dr. Pat.

Dr. Pat: Hey it's great. You know, I have to tell you. I'm like a little weepy right now. You know, you guys are what consciousness really means in the world today. Many people believe or have believed in the past that consciousness is this idea that we all hold a wonderful thought, but there's something that you did that is super special and I want to make sure that everybody that's listening to your show, all your fans, all your people that tune you guys in, listen to you understand. You know, consciousness also requires some leg work and any of the masters that have roamed this planet and some of the masters that are not from this planet, one of the things they all have in common, they're not just be-ers, they're also doers and so the acknowledgment really does go to you for having an inclination of an action that needed to be taken to help rise the consciousness in the world and what that turned into like so many people today is a radio show, a broadcast, a podcast, a live audience, powerful conversations that help people out there step into hope and you know I had a mentor a long time ago. Gave me an acronym for the word 'hope' and the acronym that this individual gave to me was having outrageous positive expectations. Hope, having outrageous positive expectations and you know because people have this notion about hope, right? I mean you've been there. We've all been there. Where we can hope for our lives, but what we've learned about expectations is every one of us must have these expectations and I've gotten beaten up. By the way, I have to tell you. I have gotten beaten up over saying this because folks have said to me "no, don't have expectations". I said 'expectations, everyone has them". Whatever you believe in, God, spirits, Jesus, Buddha. These are folks that are demanding for us to have expectations. What I think that we've learned along the way though is expectations without attachment, right. Expectations aren't leeches that attach to you, but I mean I was listening to you and I was listening to the intro because most of the time we don't listen to ourselves, our shows. Half the time, I don't even know what I say because I think you all have been called to a purpose greater than yourselves and you know within that frame work, all of us gets to take the next designated step to our lives and to helping others in the world. If we're not in service, we're actually not and that's really what I've come to learn in my life.

Christine: I absolutely agree and I have to say that when I was inspired by you so many years ago, I think this was probably 2007 that I really started tuning into your show, and you were doing crust busting and you were doing all kinds of really great stuff and at that time I was driving around, I was listening to your show and I looked forward to it. I didn't just look forward to it just because you had great guests and the stuff you were saying was really great and it resonated with me, I looked forward to it because there was a pinpoint of light that was occurring. There was a consciousness and a light that was occurring that you didn't see very often and when I say that, I really want to clarify that and say that it wasn't that it was abnormal, it's that it was so freakishly normal, but uncommon. It was uncommon and so when I tuned into your show, it was that this is so normal. This makes me feel so normal and so good and so in my skin that when I actually kind of unpacked some of the things you would say during the show or some of the things that your guests would say, I realized just how much more there was for me to explore. Everything kind of triggered me off into more things that I could explore about myself so by the time, I think you did this ad that was about do you want to have a radio show? Do you feel like you have something to say? I know that everyone in my family will attest to the fact that I've always had something to say and I've always wanted to have a radio show, but it wasn't until that invitation and the way that you invited people and when I would call in a couple of times and you would just read me like a book. That's when I really saw that the invitation was not just an invitation for me to fulfill something that I really wanted to do, but it was there for me to fulfill in my own micro the macro that I could contribute to. Let me tell you something, when I first got in this studio to do my first show, I was having dreams like three weeks before I got in here that the clock was running, I said something for a minute and then I had 59 more minutes to fill up and that's because I think that was happening because I knew I had so much to say and what was going to come out first and so when I first got into the studio I was terrified. It really, really was one of the few times in my life that I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it and once I did it, I really felt as though I rose to another level in my life, that I really got somewhere where it wasn't about polishing my problems, it wasn't and this has been unfolding ever since, this is show number 117.

Dr. Pat: Wow! Congratulations! That's big.

Christine: It's such an amazing thing to watch the unraveling of my insecurities around that and know that those are just, they're not real. They're shadows, they're pretty much lies and just not buying into those lies anymore has helped me to unravel and unfold into other parts of my life and I cannot, I seriously, I feel like this radio show for me has been more important than any degree I could have gotten and any amount of money I could have gotten, than any sort of relationship I thought I needed or any sort of validation that I  thought that I could someday get. This radio show has really allowed me to move into my purpose and so I'm just so honored to have you on today because in this message of not getting things, not acquisition, but the experience of life, you really have been one of the fore runners in this station and I believe in this city where people have been able to get turned on a little bit and then a little bit more and then a little bit more and realize that they don't need you, but what a great resource you are.

Dr. Pat: Thank you so much! Oh my God! I'm going to cry. You've got to get the tissues for me. I've got to leave my bleeping glasses on throughout this show. You know, one day you wake up and I'm glad you brought up crust busting because we're actually bringing crust busting back. I don't know if you know the story of how The Dr. Pat Show became The Dr. Pat Show. It was the listeners and Benny. We had Crust Busting Your Way to an Awesome Life and somehow, I don't know who it was, maybe it was a listener or somebody, I don't know found out that some how I had a PhD and they started to tease me about it. They would call in "Dr. Pat" like that and he's like "Dr. Pat" and then I just felt like "no don't do that, don't do that" and the more I was like don't do that, the more everybody did it and parallel to that was this idea, I'm a girl from the Bronx. Just so you know why that was really hard for me is because at one point in time I was the only one in my family to graduate high school. The circumstances that led to me going back to school weren't very pleasant, but God is way smarter than a fifth grader. God and the universe and everything in it is way smarter than a fifth grader. What happened was we had a website redesign taking place for Crust Busting Your Way to an Awesome Life and it wasn't getting done and six months I'm like "what are we doing". "Uh, I don't know". A year later finally the programmer disappears. She's gone and I finally said "okay man. I get it. I hear you" and we changed the show because everybody was "Dr. Pat" and it took on a life of it's own and then the message was "you need to change the show name" and that's what we did and so today, that's my number one priority. How do I listen to the voice of spirit, however that comes through? I ask every day "what's mine to do today" and some days I get a clear message, but most of the days it's like one word. It's like more. You need to do more and I get frustrated with that. There are times that I say "I'm tired. More? What does it look like" and what I've come to know about more is it doesn't have to be harder. It doesn't have to be harder.

Christine: Right and you've helped so much with that. You've helped people to realize that.

Dr. Pat: Right, isn't it interesting that more doesn't have to be harder?

Christine: Right and isn't it funny that through your, I've heard the stories about your life and the way that you've transformed many things in your life and what I see, what I see and what I hear when I listen to you and when I listen to your guests and you interview them is that it doesn't have to be hard, but when it is hard to remember that it's worth it.

Dr. Pat: Yeah. I have to tell you that I believe in a divine plan. You know, I believe that I get to set that intention and that expectation and that the dots that connect all the points aren't always the way that I envision them, right. And sometimes what they look like is a mother that kills herself and commits suicide because her life is too hard and she's a drug addict and an alcoholic and you know, as time goes on, I try to figure out as a young child who I am and I end up homeless at 17. You know and on my way to oblivion in a world that I don't understand, but yet things start to show up that are in my favor. Jobs show up that I wasn't supposed to get, people that become angels. I guess the question mark for me these days is how do I stay alert and aware enough so that I can see those angels, those messengers who show up in life and that's really so important to me today, to try to be that aware in a world where I'm supposed to do more.

Christine: That's an interesting point that you bring up because I think that what started me really paying attention to your show in different ways was that I got to start paying attention to signals and the subtly of signals and when you start to do that, those signals of indication, you also start, a first indication. I don't mean like here's a tsunami of whatever is in your life, but those first dawnings of indications. This kind of creates a way for you to start having a life that doesn't have to be hard all the time, even a lot of the time and so what I love about that is I think Einstein said "you cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem" and when you are paying attention to those signals, what you're actually doing is, I had a friend that went on a hike recently and he said he was hiking and hiking and hiking through these clouds and all of a sudden he was above the clouds and what he saw was just miles and miles and miles of clouds below him and he could see where he needed to go next, but when he was in the clouds, he was like "I don't know. Am I getting close to where I need to be? Am I okay? Am I going to trip and fall because I don't even know where I'm at" and in life it seems as though when we're in our clouds, when we're in our moments of "this is a problem. This is a problem and this is hard. This is a real disaster in my life", if we know that once we can rise above that just a little bit, enough to get to perspective, I say this often on the show and that is you don't need to know everything to know something and you don't need to do everything to do something and I think that you're right. Just like there's scripture that says "faith without works is dead".

Dr. Pat: I misquoted that for decades. I used to say "faith without works is deaf". Totally for decades. Someone pointed out to me "oh dude, that's like not the scripture". I said "no, you're kidding?"

Christine: Well, maybe that was the new revised.

Dr. Pat: For me it was a revised version. I had insider information.

Christine: Exactly. Inside track, but in our world today it is a very popular thing to sell people their inadequacy, to sell them their lack, to sell them that they are not enough, that their worth isn't there, that if you don't have that then you need something. Oh, I have that something. Buy it from me. What we see from that is there is a lot of complaining. I don't know how, I can't, no way and then tuning out and the complaining is mistaken for doing and that's not doing and what I love about what your work is, is that you create a way for people to see their issue and see it as an invitation to a better life, not as a barrier, not as "okay, this is your stopping point" or "this is all you are so forget about it". You really do help people I believe. You really do allow that information to come through you. I believe we are all channels and we allow that information to come through and what happens is somebody goes "oh wow, I'm not stupid" or "I'm not lowly" or "just because I don't have money doesn't mean I'm poor" and "because I have these issues with relationships, that doesn't mean I'm a bad person and don't know how to have relationships".

Dr. Pat: Yeah, you'll never actually hear me do a show as a relationship expert. That's why I have so many on my show. Clearly I think some of us are meant to do things and talk about things, relationships are not it. That is not an area I've mastered and I'm the first one to say it. That's why I have so many relationship experts on the show because I'm listening intently.

Christine: And to me that's the greatest humility because you know that when you have that person on the show and they're going to be interviewed, that you're using your platform, the platform that you've created and you've invited people to come in, not just to listen, but to come in and create a way for their life purpose to play out as well and those are kind of like the swinging doors that I see that are so important in the world today.

Dr. Pat: Yeah, I love what you said about complaining because people don't know this. As a matter of fact, complaining has taken on such an incredible technique and tact for many people. And they'll actually say they're not complaining when they actually are complaining. Complaining is really for those of you out there that you know are thinking "well here she goes again with the complaining thing", you know, complaining, you know what it really is? Complaining is your greatest argument for your limitation. That's what complaining is. Complaining is the greatest argument that you give the universe, the laws in it, whatever you believe in and yourself. You're giving it the greatest argument, Judge Judy. Complaining is the Judge Judy of your limitation, so every time you open your mouth and you get ready to complain about something, think "oh my God, Judge Judy is in my brain and she's going to come in and give me an argument for all of the can'ts in my life". Complaining is the master leader of can't. It absolutely without a doubt is and boy do we do it. You know the one thing that I don't hear? The Kardashians don't complain very much. Do you know who those people are? The Kardashians. They don't complain. They do a reality show and of course they've got to do a little bit of that and people thing "how did these people with absolutely no talent get to do what they do"? Well you know what? They're just showing up as they are and to watch what Bruce Jenner went through and have this entire family not out in the media capitalizing on this story. Not complaining about it. Yes they shared emotionally, heartfelt conversations, but they weren't out there dissing him. You know what I'm saying? And look at him, out of zero, here's what they create. Now many of you say "they're not contributing to  consciousness". Well maybe not, I don't know. I'm not here to judge them about that, but what I am is they did contribute to a new version of love.

Christine: They have contributed to a new version of love in the world. Isn't that what consciousness is?

Dr. Pat: Think about it. Bruce Jenner is now a her, with a family that supports. Talk about unconditional love.

Christine: And even if you have conditions, you're having love, but you're having conditions, the fact that we all have conditions about things does not excuse us from moving in to more unconditional love and so it's not about like "oh I'm so perfect at loving someone" or "I'm so perfect, love and action, I'm so perfect at doing that, that now I can do it". Sometimes we wait to be perfect at something to actually even do it. I mean when I stepped into this studio, I thought "I don't even know how I am with this because I don't know if I'm good at it or bad at it", but when you

Dr. Pat: I don't either. I still don't know and I don't think about it.

Christine: Right, you can't because all you can do is come in, I mean basically that's all I can do is come in and do my work and show up for my work and that's the invitation to the world. Show up for your work. You know, I think that you touched on something about hope and what I would say too about the work you do and the work we're doing here also [unclear 21:36] is that we're not just trying to shine a light on hope, but we're actually shining a light on serenity because once you can accept the way things are and that you're going to move forward from there, then you can, but if you don't and you have some kind of crazy idea about what the reality is, then it's very hard to track, move, create and produce something that is constructive in the world.

Dr. Pat: Well let's talk about serenity because there is a fabulous serenity prayer. Actually there's a short version of it and then there's a really longer version of it, but when you start to dissect the prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change", what are you talking about? Well first of all, you're calling in spirit, God. Yeah we use the word God, but maybe you don't believe in God. Maybe it's something else. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter, but "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change". Right there what we're saying is you are not just in serenity, but now you're in acceptance. Now you're in acceptance for a world. You know, you're staying within your box of conditions about number one, who am I and how am I going to show up in the world and then the next part of the prayer talks about the courage to change the things. The courage. We must each of us look at our courage barometer every day. We have to look at that because if we don't look at whether or not we're calling forth an ounce of courage to simply live in this world now, then we're not going to be able to get to the last part of the prayer and that is the wisdom to know the difference. I love what you said. I don't even know what I don't know. I don't even know what I don't know, but here's what I do know. I know that I'm going to be divinely guided in whatever it is. When I wake up, I'm being guided to do more in the arena that I'm in today, but some day I may wake up and I may hear a message that says "nope, stop doing that Pat. We don't want you to do that thing anymore" and am I going to have the courage to walk away? Am I going to have the courage to listen to that voice and have the faith that I'm going to be divinely guided?

Christine: That's such a great point because at times when we feel like we're in that cloud, we're on that hike and we're in the clouds. It does take courage to keep going and know that you will be cared for. You know, I say this on the show from time to time and that is we are undamagable.

Dr. Pat: That's a good phrase. I like that.

Christine: Even if you give up this bio suit that you've come into that you care for and you take care of so you can serve, you are undamagable and knowing that, knowing that you are undamagable, how does that change the way you live your life? It changes the way you live your life, not that you're going to be more reckless, but you're going to know that you're divinely supported, that everything that you are and everything that you've come here to do has come from the source and the source does not destroy itself. There is recreation and there's fertilizer. There's the crest of things, there's the learning from things and then there's the moving forward and doing something new and when you do that something new, the only thing that's new is our experience. Every thing, birth, death, heartbreak, graves, trees. It's all old. We know what those things are because we've seen it for such a long time, but the only new thing is that we make it new with our experience. When we come here, we make it new and that's our purpose and when we get busy with our purpose, we see that there's nothing else, nothing else that will fill that in and there's no one else who can do it.

Dr. Pat: You know, one of the things that's really important is also for me, for many of you that know me, know me inside and outside the radio show and some of you know me outside the radio show, I'm not without taking a moment and going to see a Mad Max movie, okay. I actually love the Mad Max movie this time. Don't quite understand the "R" rating, but there's got to be something about it and somebody asked me, someone I interviewed asked me why I love that movie and what I think I loved is the whole premise of the movie integrated the feminine in a legendary platform. The whole Mad Max platform was never about that and they added a level of the feminine in to the point where Charlize Theron basically came out before the movie even came out and said "I don't know if I'm coming back" and somebody said to her "why" and she said "well, if I come back for that role, I've got to make sure that the vision, the vision of where this was going is true and authentic" and that's what your show is about.

Christine: Thank you.

Dr. Pat: True and authentic. Now this is a woman who can write her own ticket. How much do you want Miss Future OCO of whatever she was in the movie? What would you like to come back and she's like "no, no, no. No that's not it" and for those of you that haven't seen Mad Max, I'm not going to tell you the story line, but the bottom line with the trilogy of it is it was to be based on her character, not on the Mad Max guy, so will the world actually stand for that? Will we go to the box office for that?

Christine: It might be that people don't go right away.

Dr. Pat: they actually didn't go right away.

Christine: It might be something that we grow into, but those things are out there and what a comfort it is for us to know that not only is what we're doing effecting the macro, but that we have no clue how it's effecting and all the long term good effects that are happening because we're stepping into our purpose and role. I also wanted to say really quickly, we're going to go off to break in a second, but what I also love about this and last week the name of my show was Service: Memories Finest Decoration because it was Memorial Day and I think that everyone is of service. Everyone comes here to be of service and what I love about that is when you actually move into your service, you really start getting a really firm grip on your self worth and as a nation, I believe that we not only have individual self worth and individual purpose, but there's a national level of self worth and a national level of self esteem, that when we do our work, we move our nation into that and when we do that as a nation, we move the world into that and so as we move into our service and as you've been this constant light for so long for people, I think that what's exciting about this, now I get to stand on your shoulders because you've done so much work that what I'm saying and doing on my show is more, I don't want to say accepted, but it's more received in that broadest sense of the term. It's received, it's heard and so I'm so glad to have you on, but I wanted to personally thank you because there's so much at the time when you were coming on and before that too, but when people were talking about new age stuff or this or that, oh yeah like Hooka Looka, whatever and I think it had so much, there was so much resistance because there was so much that people were actually resonating with, but that didn't match the reality. They were trying to match their reality to the truth, the truth to their reality rather than matching their reality to the truth and I think that the ground that you've broken in so many ways is for people to accept that they can move into their lives, that they too can break that ground and they can see what their lives would be like if they knew they could not fail. We'll be right back.

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Christine: Welcome back to The Confessional. Here we are, we are with Dr. Pat Baccili and I am just so honored to have her on. She is such an inspiration, not just to me, not just to the very, very, very, very, very beginnings of The Confessional radio show, but also to the world. To our region and to the world and her reach, she's very far reaching, not just in airwaves, but in spirit and in soul. She really does and when you listen to some of the things that come on her show, some ideas and also the guests that she has, what you're really getting is this consciousness that is just resonate with who we really are and what we're really here to do and that's basically, I mean I did want to have a political show when I first started and what stopped me was that I didn't want to have a show that was more delineating and what I saw was the politics and I do talk about politics in my life, but the political situations are always kind of like that cloud mass and you're in the cloud mass. Yes I still have to keep moving, I still have to keep doing, I still have to keep active, but once you get perspective above the cloud mass, that's when you can truly effect the consciousness. There was someone I heard her interview from about a couple of years ago that said you never change people's minds through changing legislation. You never do. What happens is you affect people's minds by helping them to see certain things and then legislation changes and so I truly believe that's what's occurring on our planet and as light workers, I say this often. As light workers, sometimes we have our light on and we see things we don't want to see. It's very difficult as a light worker to put the light on, to get all the energy to do that, the courage like you were talking about earlier and then you see things you don't want to see and it's so important to see those things.

Dr. Pat: John DiMartini who is a friend of mine and I just love him, but he is the master of contrasts. He believes and he talks about his own life in terms of how you know if we allow ourselves to go completely flippant, optimistic, we attract a completely flippant opposite of that and so his idea is to stay neutral and what I'm struck by as I look at the world and I always really question whether I believe what John was saying about that and then I started to watch the world and I'm going to give you one example. Since neither one of us actually talks politics, so I won't talk politics, but I'll talk about an issue. About a week, maybe two weeks, I don't have the exact date, Ireland, the country Ireland, voted for and they say "overwhelmingly" same sex marriage. Overwhelmingly. Shocking the world, shocking the Vatican and while celebration was going on for parts of constituencies, airing at the same time all over the television was the persecution of gay people in Africa supported and provoked by a Senator whose platform was to do that and so here you have Ireland with this and then you know, like what, two channels away, men and women being beaten to death because of their orientation. Now what do I think about that? Do I believe we have to have both to raise consciousness? You know, here's where I am today in the world. You know, if it wasn't for the times in my life that I've been either beaten, beaten down, whether physically, mentally or spiritually, I could not rise up above that next level of consciousness that I was being called to do. You know, pain, the bane of our pain, that bane, the bane of our pain is the portal to an epic life and I didn't know that. You know you talk about when I started. I didn't know this. I've learned it over these past 13 years, but the bane of our pain really becomes a door that we get to open and so on the one hand there's celebration by some and on the other hand, there's persecution and you know so I ask the God of my understanding why and I think you gave us the answer. You see, you gave us the answer. So that we can become more aware to live in a world that's built around love and not hate.

Christine: That's absolutely the truth and the thing is that we're not yet at a place, I know I'm not at a place in my life where things aren't expensive sometimes. Things are expensive, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and monetarily. Things are expensive sometimes. I think the choice we have in that is is it just going to be expensive or is it going to be worth it? Am I going to take this and make it worth it because hopefully there will come a time when we don't have to have that kind of expense for our transition, our transformation. You know, when you think about it, I have this thing. It's a short list of things. Try this in another country. We have so much freedom here. We have so much freedom in our country that we can pretend that we're not free and sometimes that takes our time, like complaining, but I think, I mean it's a huge distraction and also it helps us to remember when we see these things in the world, it helps us. That doesn't necessarily have to be my experience of being thrown off a cliff in the Middle East because I'm gay, but it's important for me to pay attention because that was incredibly expensive and when we see that and when we see that we can make something worth it, you have things that happen like what happened in Ireland and I think what's important also is that people don't see those things and say that's the way it is. That's the way it's always been and that's the way it's always going to be, whether it's in your own life or it's in the life of the planet, the globe because once we buy into that, that that's the only way that it can be, that's the only way that love can be expressed. That's the only way that we can move forward into what will be our history, then we stop having that experience of being able to change our past and I say we change our past because we change our perspective of what happened and if we can do that enough, it's kind of like if you love enough then you don't have to be forgiving all the time, if you forgive enough you reach love easier, but if you actually love enough you don't have to be forgiving all the time. Well, if we are really keyed in to our perspective and our purpose, then we are then creating a life that we don't have to change our past so much. We don't have to go back and dig up and clean up and look at "what was my perspective on that". We are truly living in the resonance of the light and as far as that which you put your attention to will grow, being too positive or optimistic, I think it's important to actually know how we're defining that in our lives. Are we really being positive and optimistic or are we being exclusive, excluding of what it is that our life is actually going and where we're coming to to prepare for that next level of development?

Dr. Pat: Well you know, it's really interesting because if one believes that we are being divinely guided and the decisions that are made, even the ones that look horrific like the oil spill in California. I mean, that is so heartbreaking to me. I don't even know how to reconcile that in my mind, but you know as we look at it, the question mark then becomes "did we have to have that happen in order for us to be reminded that we're not doing enough in that area"? You know how else and someone asked me "well Pat", who was it that asked me? I can't remember now, but they asked me "well what do you believe about God? What is your belief about God around this" and I said "I'll tell you what. What I don't believe is I don't believe that God puts people on earth that puts us in our [unclear 41:15] so we can persecute each other. I don't believe that because first of all, it is God and you know God can certainly handle that scenario. I don't believe that's the deal, but what if our role was simply to become more aware of a state of being that is about love"? So I asked a different question. I said "okay Seth, let me try to understand this. If you believe in this one God and there are millions that do, the question then becomes why didn't this one God cultivate a planet of people that were all aligned with him? Why do we have people that are different? I don't understand that. Tell me about this God, whatever you believe in." If we are in an all powerful entity, then why isn't that entity then creates an environment of human beings that are all the same? It's an interesting dilemma when you start to think about it, when you being to think about the laws of the universe. What if we were all meant to be different? What if the sum of us is so much greater than any individual? What if that is the divine plan and acceptance is really our journey?

Christine: The option and the freedom of free will. The freedom of free will because here you have

Dr. Pat: That's acceptance. You can't be in acceptance if you don't have free will.

Christine: Right and the ocean, does the ocean say why does that wave different than me? No, but it creates an entire ocean of water and waves and different tide pools and all sorts of different things. We're going to go off to break and I wanted to kind of do a little Italian thing for us because we're Italian. Speaking of how things cost, I want to go off into a couple of Italian cuts, but the beauty of old wisdom really and also there was a joke I heard. Someone was saying "Switzerland is so great because look at this and look at that. Look at Italy. They've got all this rape and pillage and Spain and they've got all these, the Civil War and all this killing and blood shed" and the guy said "well yeah, but you also have Michelangelo. You have Picasso. You have all these great renaissance period. In Switzerland, what do you have? Five hundred years of brotherly peace and the cuckoo clock". We'll be right back.

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Dr. Pat: You've got to love Pavarotti.

Christine: Oh my God, you've got to.

Dr. Pat: I grew up with my uncle playing [unclear 48:37].

Christine: Oh boy. Isn't he lovely.

Dr. Pat: Totally. Totally great.

Christine: Welcome back to The Confessional. This is Christine Cisneros. Our hour is wrapping up, but we have just a fantastic guest, Dr. Pat Baccili in house today and we are so, so grateful, not just for her being here today, but for her being on the station, on the planet.

Dr. Pat: thank you so much.

Christine: Being on the station and really holding up that light for others and for herself. Such a nice reflection of self worth and service to the world. I love what you were talking about, new people and a new consciousness. You see that happening all the time, new people coming on the planet. Even babies, you see it and you're like "you're in there aren't you". I see that soul in there and I think people are coming here more and more because it's getting very, very clear about the work and the purpose and there's such an exuberance, there's an excitement and anticipation about what's going to happen in our life time and I say this too on the show sometimes, but I don't believe you have to physically die to have to go on to a new life and I think we do that over and over in this life time and what an exciting time in history really to be living where so many have done so much work, such as yourself and so many people have held things up so that we can move into those new lives so it's unnecessary for us to leave the planet sometimes and come back and move into a new life. What a great opportunity.

Dr. Pat: Yeah, it's an amazing time and you know, for somebody like me who has been around for a few years, you know somebody asked me if life has changed since I was down at [unclear 50:20] burning my bra in 1969 and you know I thought "yeah, most people don't even know what that event was all about". I mean, you had to kind of be there. It's like the old joke. If you're not there, you're not going to get it because we have moved beyond that. You know, where you can now get a Patricia Arquette standing up receiving her Oscar and saying "hey, hello". Can we just make sure we're doing a sanity check on how much we're paying women in the world? Now that's not bra burning, but certainly it's taking a platform and saying there's still disparity. You know, there is still something going on in one of the richest countries on the planet and who knew. Who knew that she would do something like that and then Meryl Streep standing up. I mean, we all get an opportunity to contribute so the question mark really is do you have your contribution switch set to on or off?

Christine: Right and how much more on can it be. We're going to skip out to break right now. Exactly. We're going to skip out to break and in honor of your PhD and being the doctor on the show, on the planet and on the radio station here, we have a couple of cuts coming for you, but we'll be right back after this and we are so excited to be having Dr. Pat on the show today.

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Christine: Welcome back to The Confessional and we're wrapping up this hour. We have less than a minute left, but Dr. Pat seriously. What an honor and could you, if you had something to say to our listeners today, a message, a personal message, what would it be?

Dr. Pat: I think the message would be where you started the show. You know, early on in doing the radio show I had so many people from the new thought arena that said to me "you've got to change your questions" and I said why. They said "you say the word 'fail'" and I thought long and hard about that. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? That's me. That's my life. That's the way I talk about it and so I don't think we should hide from the word 'failure' because in the contrast of the world, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? It is on our minds. Failure is on our minds and so we don't know it's on our minds, but we will play not to lose and not play to win. We play life not to lose. So that's what I would say. Stop playing not to lose. Play to win. As my friend Lynn Brown would say, play to win at the game of life because this is an epic life. You can achieve more than you could even imagine.

Christine: Absolutely and as we all know, this is truly our time. We are on the planet. This is our time and I so enjoyed having you on.

Dr. Pat: thank you guys so much. I love your show. I love what you're dong and I am truly inspired to do more.

Christine: Thank you so much Dr. Pat. We'll talk to you next week. Thank you for listening today at The Confessional on KKNW 1150AM.

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