Thursday, December 31, 2015

Consciously Connecting to Our Lives with Author Holland Haiis,21581.html

Holland Haiis believes we are living on a diet of disconnect and the time to reconnect is NOW. By finding the thread of your power she believes life becomes simplified and energized. Once you begin Consciously Connecting you'll never look back! 

I truly enjoyed this show with Holland. We had a wonderful conversation. The second half of the show is all about the chapter in Holland's book that refers to Positive Words. This is 100% what our network is about and what a great testimony for the world to hear.

There is a shift happening especially women. We find ourselves in conversations that have been laced with a tone of criticism. You can be walking down the street or standing in line somewhere to get coffee and people may be discussing someone’s weight or what they are wearing. It makes you stop and think about how you are spending your time and energy. Choosing words that throw arrows at someone whether they hear you or not. The same thing goes for shaming ourselves, using words like “Oh I’m so stupid, or what an idiot, oh I can’t believe I did that”. We want to become more conscious of these thoughts and words that come out. Continually thinking and talking this way will begin to hook and imprint and affect the way we view the world in a negative way.

Sometimes our first instinct isn’t the best one when it comes to our thoughts and our words. 

Words are powerful tools! The way we speak to ourselves changes the way we think about ourselves; which then allows us to really sit in that place of power and knowingness. When we come from a place of being connected to knowingness, to trusting ourselves to really knowing that when that little tingle in the stomach or that little tap on the shoulder that so often we walk away from we say “oh no, no, no” when we get to a point of really getting started by connecting from our words and more change in our thoughts and change in our actions which is bigger, because then we become a bigger force in the world for good. We become a person who is of service instead of expecting to be served and we are all here in order to find that connection. And however the journey is and we’ve all had our bumps and our pit-falls and we’ve all fallen down - it’s about getting up. 

And I talk about understanding that kindness and you are connecting to your words, how you speak to yourself and how you speak to others - that is your truth because no one arrives on the planet negative, critical we arrive when we think of little babies and look at little babies, we arrive wide eyed and innocent and we are full of wonder and we are open and ready for adventure and wonder, it’s a magical journey. But some of us unfortunately, have been taught through parents who didn’t know any better to surrender from the true language of joy and being inquisitive and we end up entering into an arena of self-doubt and criticism. And what I ask is that this be your moment to become aware and be conscious of that and to walk away; to exit that arena today - it is a choice it is a decision and, you start  today - you will no longer belittle or shame yourself, and you don’t belittle and shame others.

Listen to the full interview here:

Holland Haiis is the author of Consciously Connecting. She is a dynamic motivational speaker and business consultant. As a Connectivity Expert she has coached and trained hundreds of leaders to achieve their potential. She specializes in facilitating transitions and assessing new beginnings, all while developing a client's leadership skills. In addition, she plugs you into your goals, boundaries, accountability, and any other area of disconnect in your life.

Her practical approach to this subject has made her popular with entrepreneurs and executives. Holland's goal is to motivate and enlighten her clients as they learn the value of connection and how to bring their gifts to the world.

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